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Why a Coordinate Measuring Machine is Vital to Producing High-Quality, High-Precision Manufactured Parts

To achieve the manufacturing of high-quality precision parts, you require a CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine). 

A designer turns to a manufacturing company like Rapid Enterprises to produce parts that sometimes require very tight tolerances. 

Moreover, it is critical to the development of an object whose geometric characteristics and physical properties parallel its 3D model. The slightest mistake in measurement can put the entire manufacturing process at risk, forcing you to start over. 

For exact measurements, we highly recommend the use of a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). It is, in reality, a measuring application that measures the geometry of a workpiece by locating hidden and unreachable areas on the surface of a workpiece.

There are various benefits of utilizing a CMM for production runs, such as storing measurement data, making it available for analysis and reprocessing. A CMM can also be used to address discrepancies in the model and design and to address potential customer claims in the future. 

The CMMs of today are so advanced that they can provide insight into design and analysis, far greater than human beings, in areas such as dimension inconsistencies, cavities, and functioning features of parts. This type of insight allows for mistakes to be detected and corrected.

For us here at Rapid Enterprises, the direct benefits of CMM, such as faster inspection cycles, increased productivity, and quick and easy report generation has enabled us to meet our client satisfaction.

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The Crystal Apex Coordinate Measuring Machine by Mitutoyo is multi-sensory and allows the majority of our measurements to be completed on a single machine. This is unlike the processes in the past, where we required multiple inspection machines such as a tactile probe, microscope, projector, and contour graph. This type of technology is particularly useful for parts that have to comply with many different tolerances. The machine also provides the associated reports which give clear information about the process and the output. 


The objective of every manufacturing company is to ensure that the workpiece they are producing is as close to the digital design as possible. As discussed above, flaws and defects can cause an entire production to fall apart, affecting deadlines and productivity. At Rapid Enterprises, we employ CMM technology as a means to provide our customers with expert analysis and quality assurance. 


It is essential that all manufacturers invest in a good CMM machine to verify that the components meet strict quality requirements, as even the slightest discrepancy of measurement can turn a production run into a fiasco, resulting in the rejection of future orders. Due to its state-of-the-art technology, a CMM is more accurate and consistent than manual measuring methods. The machine relies mostly on automation and in the process limits human interaction, reducing human error.

If you are still unsure of the CMM technology, here is a run-down of 7 crucial advantages of precision manufacturing: 



1. Increased Productivity – A coordinate measuring machine can make a huge difference to your productivity. Companies that do not have their own CMM solution have to take their parts to a third-party for precise measurements which increases time and cost. Investing in a CMM eliminates third-party involvement and keeps the production cost down. Thanks to CMM, processes can be completed in-house from beginning to the end.



2. Increased stability – With the right amount of maintenance, including periodic service and calibration, a coordinate measuring machine is a reliable, accurate, and consistent piece of technology that permits precise measuring. Additionally, CMMs have a rich lifespan and can generally last for decades. As a consequence, over time the financial investment associated with purchasing a new CMM is written off.



3. Time and Money – A key advantage of implementing CMM technology into your manufacturing process is that it saves time and money. As new technology continues to advance, the manufacturing processes and parts are becoming more and more sophisticated. In this technological competition, precise and accurate measurement technologies are not a choice, but a necessity. A Coordinate Measuring Machine is the most reliable solution for accurate measuring and can give your company positive results. Implementing a CMM will allow your company to complete entire processes without needing dimensional labs or having to take parts away from the production floor. The success of a finished prototype or part is solely based on precision and accuracy. With a CMM, your company can be confident that measurements are accurate and are completed in the smallest amount of time.


4. Floor Space – As you may already know about the production floor environment, space is always needed and at times can be hard to come by. Moreover, the measuring of parts or prototypes can be difficult. CMM technology can reduce such difficulty by adding the portability feature to the game. Portable CMMs offer high-accuracy and are most useful for measuring parts that are hard or impossible to move. Portable CMMs are also beneficial for working with geometric surfaces and quality assurance.

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5. Quality Assurance – Whether you need to perform tool certifications, 3D inspections, CAD comparisons, reverse engineering and dimensional analysis, Coordinate Measuring Machines provide a high level of in-house satisfaction. 

By employing CMM technology as a part of your manufacturing process, you will be able to provide your customers with the quality guaranteed! Even though there are alternative solutions that can digitally analyze and measure a prototype or part, a CMM is probably the most affordable solution.

 Inspection by a CMM provides transparency of dimensions, CAD comparisons, reverse engineering and tool certifications, which in turn, provides for reliable and accurate results.

6. Floor Reliability – The utilization of a CMM on any given production floor offers a high level of reliability – especially when measuring 3D objects. Whether you are utilizing a contact or non-contact scanning method, CMMs can use high-thermal stability material, offering a high level of accuracy and reliability.


7. Third-party Addons – CMM technology also allows for the implementation of third-party software that can help you leverage additional benefits; for instance, you can solve complex measurement problems by using customized software that can identify unique solutions and reflect the result accurately. By implementing a renowned third-party software, you can take advantage of complete and automated solutions of manufacturing data, from start to the end.


8. At Rapid Enterprises  CMM technology is a key component of our processes and we have found it to be a reliable solution for high-precision 3D measurements. Different industries, for instance, the defence industry, have to follow strict regulations and therefore develop parts that must adhere to stringent tolerances. The use of CMM technology can guarantee precision and can safeguard the success of a production run. We strongly recommend the use of CMM technology for all manufacturing solutions.


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