Arman Pouragha

President and Owner, Rapid Enterprises

Hi, I am Arman, president and founder of Rapid Enterprises.  I would like to share my journey and passion for manufacturing industry-standard tools. In 1998, I completed an apprenticeship program in Germany, after which I relocated to Canada, where I continued to refine and advance the manufacturing skills. I relied on my leadership, entrepreneurial, and project management skills to establish a company that not only takes pride in the top-quality and precision end-products but also believes in long-lasting relationships with clients. When it comes to precision manufacturing, I live by our motto: “Do it once, Do it right.”

Azie Pouragha
CEO and manager of
day to day affairs


Mostafa Nadarloo
Business Development Manager


Julian Piper
Production Manager


Derek Melo
Assistant Production Manager

Jeli Maniago
Content Marketing Specialist