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How Rapid Enterprises Debunks the Idea that Overseas Manufacturers are less Costly than North American Manufactures

There’s a myth that has circulated for years which is that manufacturing in North America is expensive and engineers should look to overseas manufacturers to get the best bang for their dollar.

Now we can’t speak for other manufacturing companies in North America, but we can confidently say that here at Rapid Enterprises we are capable of providing competitive pricing to those of overseas manufacturers.  

So you’re probably wondering how we do it because generally and historically it has been expensive.

We are competitive in pricing to those overseas because we are not followers; we are innovators who are constantly looking for the best solution to assist with production.

We don’t just take the drawing and develop it to a standard; we look at every drawing as a problem that requires a new technique.

To us, the problem stems from how we can make this product or tool efficiently while saving our clients money; this is how we approach every development we are tasked with.  

For manufacturing, we have invested in some of the fastest, most powerful machines in the industry. The machines we utilize are equipped with the latest technology in automation and artificial intelligence and are the driving force behind our competitive pricing.

As a result of our ‘lights out’ machining capabilities that allow us to produce after production hours and the utilization of robots, we are changing the world of manufacturing in North America.  

Let’s put this into perspective so you can understand how we operate. In a hypothetical scenario, you come to us to inquire about our shop rate and we tell you that our shop rate is $125 per hour, instantly you think to yourself “well I can get it done overseas for a shop rate of $20.00 an hour.” Our competitiveness to overseas pricing isn’t by the rate but the actual production for the reason that we will finish the job 10 times faster than they would, which in turn provides our clients with a great deal of savings.    

Our clients have been astonished in the amount of money we have been able to save them and typically share their experience with us to their peers; this is how we have gained several word-of-mouth referrals. If you’re reading this article and would like to put our assertion to test, give us a call and learn more about how we can save you tons of money while manufacturing in North America.