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10 Holiday Gifts for People Who Love Machining 2021

The holiday season is close and if you haven’t already purchased a gift for the machinist in your life you are going to appreciate this blog. We know how difficult it can be to give a machinist a gift relevant to their industry however, not to worry we’ve created this blog to give you some inspiration. Below we have listed 10 machinist gifts for people who love machining. 

1. Hand tools 

With all of the latest advancements in machine technology including robotics and automation you’re probably wondering why a machinist would require hand tools? Because things happen and sometimes machinists rely on their skills and abilities to do a job or even manually fix a part.  Hand tools are an essential component of machining that every machinist should own. You can purchase a toolset that has every type of tool which includes variations in size, design and shape or you can purchase individual tools. The machinist will appreciate receiving new hand tools.


10 Holiday Gifts for People Who Love Machining 1

2. Combination square

As a multifunctional tool used in manufacturing,  a combination square is a device that is composed of a ruler and has at least one or more replaceable heads that can be attached to the ruler. Typically, the ruler included with a combination square comes in lengths between 150mm and 600mm or between 4 inches and 24 inches.  A good quality combination square can give a machinist gradations in metric or imperial measurements. A combination square will assist with the various measuring tasks your machinist will come across. This is a gift you can’t go wrong with.


3. Deburring tool

A deburring tool is designed for machinists to remove unwanted sharp edges of the material. During the manufacturing of a part, burrs and sharp edges tend to be formed when drilling holes, a deburring tool helps eliminate this problem. Additionally, a deburring tool is very handy when it comes to rounding out rough edges. This is another great tool that your machinist will appreciate.

10 Holiday Gifts for People Who Love Machining 1

4. Telescoping gauge

Designed to measure the internal diameter of a hole, groove, or bore, this T-shaped tool is equipped with a handle, two telescopic rods, and a locking screw. It is often used when the bores and holes are too small for calipers or micrometers. If you’re looking for a gift that will assist with the proficiency of your machinist’s internal measurements, a telescoping gauge can assist.

5. Edge finder

An edge finder is a tool used to locate the edges, the center, layout markings or previously machined features. They are held in a collet, end mill holder or chuck mounted in the spindle of a milling machine or drill press. An edge finder is great for accurately aligning a machine’s head with a workpiece before machining.

6. Allen keys

As universal tools, Allen keys should always be a part of a machinist’s toolbox. It is one of the simplest keys to use and is designed to assist with the tightening or loosening of screws and bolts that have a hexagonal socket in the head.  If your machinist does not already have one, this is a gift that will be valued.

7. A dial indicator

A dial indicator is great measuring equipment to assist with aligning your workpiece in the machine. It can also be used to measure the flatness of your workpiece on a granite table. However, the primary function of it is to find the exact position of a whole of up to a few microns. This type of indicator can range from $50 to $500, but rest assured that as a rule of thumb the more you pay the better the quality is.

10 Holiday Gifts for People Who Love Machining 1

8. Micrometres and Calipers

These items are amazing gift ideas. The reason machinists cannot live without a good one is that they allow the parts being made to be measured to the precision required. The micrometres and calipers allow for the machinist to feel confident that their part conforms to the customer’s requirements.

9. 6” Steel ruler

A key component of manufacturing is geometry. All machinists should be equipped with tools that allow for measurements, a 6” steel ruler can be used for every type of manual job and is great for measuring distances. If you’re looking for a simple gift that will be useful to the daily tasks of your machinist, a 6” steel ruler is a way to go.

10. USB key

Machinists have many uses for USB keys. The reason is that some machines do not allow the machine to be connected to the network. Therefore, you must write your program, save it to a USB and then load the program from the USB to the machine. Machinists require a USB at all times and especially one they can hang on their keychain.

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