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The Dos and Dont's of Machining shop Safety.
Why Safety? Why Not!

There are many modern machine shops out there in the market today that can get your manufacturing job done from a few hours to a few days. There are many things to keep in mind when you are in the process of deciding where to go with your manufacturing requests.

The potential machine shop should have a variety of state of the art equipment. It should have the capability to do both manual machining  and CNC machining. The staff should be skilled and experienced; a great ensemble of machines is useless without the able machinists who know how to get the most out  of them. The Machine shop must  be clean, well-managed and uncluttered. In other words, it should be organized. Remember, appearances are everything and can tell you a lot about the core values of the machine shop and that they prioritize quality. Whether it is a CNC machine shop or a manual machine shop, they should have  high output and fast turnaround times.  Safety should be a top priority 

The last one is probably the most sensitive matter that would be the focus for today. Though many people would not see much value in thinking about safety. It is, however, a win or lose battle, not only for the clients but also for the manufacturing company. Canadian Occupational Safety has clear and strict guidelines about how safety can be maintained in a machine shop. From a client’s perspective, a reliable and responsible CNC machine shop is the one that follows all the safety guidelines and gives top priority to safety. If a machine shop does not take care of their workers and their machines, what would you expect about your job getting done right or professionally

Here is a rundown of a few safety measures prescribed by the Canadian Occupational Safety:

The Machine shop Should have adequate training for their Machinists

It’s a no-brainer. A machine shop should never have in its employ any machinists that are not fully trained to use the machines they work on. Skill and experience are the most important requirements to ensure safety in the machine shop. It is of the utmost priority that CNC machine shops consistently provide their employees with both theoretical and hands-on training. The training should be comprehensive in terms of all the machines the workers need to be working on. There should often be a review of the machinist’s skills in order to facilitate their continual improvement and knowledge of their trade. 

A Clean Machine shop is a Safe Machine Shop

CNC machine shops are notorious for having a lot of clutter and being quite disorganized. This lack of organization is not only bad for the reputation of the machine shop but is also a safety hazard. Slipping and tripping over a machine part or having slippery floors can be dangerous in a CNC machine shop. Manufacturers should make protocols that any machine that does not meet safety standards should be retrofitted to meet the standards or discarded. Good  housekeeping can save lives. Clients can use organization as a key factor in determining a CNC machine shop. Safety in a machine shop says a lot about a shop’s dedication to providing quality parts as well.  

Inspect Machines Before Use

There are many things that can go wrong in a CNC machine shop if the machines are not inspected before starting the job. Especially true for the CNC machines, they are pre-programmed and are often allowed to work autonomously. If the machines are not calibrated and done a test run before letting them go on their own, they could go haywire. Moreover, pre-inspection and proper maintenance of your machine is key in order to avoid any wasted machining time or scrapped parts. During the initial consultation, it is key to not only speak about the pricing, quantities, and specifications, but to address whether the machines are regularly inspected.  A good shop has regularly scheduled maintenance in order to avoid any issues from occurring in the middle of a part being made. 

Using Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

What do you like the most impressive part of the astronomers who work in space stations and of scientists who work in their labs? Their PPE. It is not only stylish; it builds authority and trust. When a client enters a machining shop, how the workers are dressed up can give them a significant amount of trust. It shows they care about safety and are a responsible and reliable CNC machine shop or a manual machining shop – whatever the case may be. This is because everyone knows the importance of PPE in a hazardous place like a machining shop. With sharp, fast and tiny pieces working under autonomous machines, wearing PPE is indispensable for the safety of everyone.

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