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Preventing Machine Shop Injuries

With advances in technology for machine shops, the heavy lifting and handheld operations are reduced resulting in a much lower risk for injury. But without awareness and preparedness, there remains a high element of danger from chemicals

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Organization on the Machine Shop Floor

The focus today is organization on the machine shop floor. One of the fundamental parts of the organization is flow. Adding new equipment, or even starting a new business, the layout of tools, machines, and grouping may not be things you have considered.

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Challenges for Every Machine Shop

The most expensive employee in a quality machine shop is the CNC machine. There is a constant drive to keep those machines running – sometimes twenty-four hours a day. You and your staff may always be busy

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Skills Training in CNC Manufacturing

Employment has been shifting for at least a decade in the manufacturing world. Manufacturing has continued to grow in North America, but schools and government programs have not addressed the need with suitable training programs.

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